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Happy Birthday Peanut  / Neenee (Aunt)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Peanut  / Neenee (Aunt)
Today is your 12th birthday. I hope you can Send a butterfly to your Mommy Daddy and brother today. Someday we will see your precious face again and that brings me comfort. I love you sweet angel. Love Neenee Close
Happy Birthday!  / NeeNee (aunt)  Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / NeeNee (aunt)
Its so hard to imagine that today you would be 10 years old. How different our lives would be if you were physically here with us. Someday we will see you again. Until then...we will never forget. Love you baby girl, Neenee Close
I havent forgotten  / NeeNee (aunt)  Read >>
I havent forgotten  / NeeNee (aunt)
I haven't been here in a while. I wanted to say that it's not because I don't love or miss you. Its because my grief is different. It isn't gone, but it has changed. I don't get mad anymore at the things we can't do together. Instead I just think of the things you are probably doing in Heaven. How can I be mad when I know you are with Jesus!? You will always be my peanut and there is always going to be an indention on my heart that was left by you. I love you Camryn Annette Marley NeeNee Close
Angel Baby  / Jill Owens (Nana)  Read >>
Angel Baby  / Jill Owens (Nana)

 Angel Baby,

     Happy Birthday,I love and miss you so much! I can only imagine how sweet you would be. I wished we had more time together,and I could watch you grow to be a beautiful young woman. Nana loves you!


                                    Love always!

                                        Nana Jill

Another birthday in Heaven  / Neenee (aunt)  Read >>
Another birthday in Heaven  / Neenee (aunt)

another year has passed. hard to believe. I know where you are and know you are happy and thats what makes things ok for me. I love you so much and miss you.

Happy Birthday in heaven my Peanut...


NeeNee loves ya

Angel Baby  / Jill Owens (Nana)  Read >>
Angel Baby  / Jill Owens (Nana)

Happy birthday sweet little girlI wish we were together for your

 birthday.But you  are not alone for your birthdayyou have

the most wonderful person there with you! I love you and miss

you so muchyou will always be a part of mewith me wherever I am.

                                   Love AlwaysNana

Happy Birthday!!  / Mamaw (Mamaw)  Read >>
Happy Birthday!!  / Mamaw (Mamaw)

Happy Birthday mamaw's girl!!  I Miss you soooo much.  One day we will all be together again.  XOXOXOXOXOXOXO  Hugs and kisses..mommy and daddy miss you very much and so does big brother.


happy birthday  / Mommy   Read >>
happy birthday  / Mommy
I love you very much! Happy birthday beautiful baby girl. Close
My Love  / Daddy   Read >>
My Love  / Daddy
My love for you is just as strong today as it was when you were born.  I love and miss you so much.  I can't wait until the day I will see you again!!

Love ya
Daddy Close
Baby Angel  / Nana Jill Owens (Nana)  Read >>
Baby Angel  / Nana Jill Owens (Nana)

Nana still misses you very much. I know you are with Jesus, but I would love to see your beautiful little face and hear your little voice. Nana will see you again someday.


                        Love always   Nana Jill


Family / Kristine Hitt (family friend )  Read >>
Family / Kristine Hitt (family friend )
You were blessed with a wonderful family.  Loss is hard on all of but we know you are in the best place of all with Jesus.  Close
Sitting in Jesus' lap  / NeeNee (aunt)  Read >>
Sitting in Jesus' lap  / NeeNee (aunt)

My tears are of joy because today I was reminded that while we miss you very much you are sitting in Jesus' lap.  I sometimes think and wonder what you would look like right now or would you have black hair like Nate's was?  Would you be ornery?  Well of course you would:)

The pain isn't like it was. I am reminded ever so often of where you are and I can't feel bad about that. I know that someday I will see you. I will hold you and in the meantime you are in the greatest place in the world.

I love you Peanut...forever and always

6 Years Later  / Daddy   Read >>
6 Years Later  / Daddy
Today it has been 6 years since you passed.  The pain seems to never go away but my love for you tends to dull it a little.  I thank God everyday that he gave you to me.  You were and are such a blessing to me.  I love you Cami Doodle and know that you hear me say it every day.  I cannot wait until the day I can see you face to face and say it to you again.  God keep my baby safe as you have for the past 6 years.

Daddy Close
sissy girl  / Mommy   Read >>
sissy girl  / Mommy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  We love you and miss you so much! Have a wonderful birthday party with Jesus.  Ill be holding you soon.  love you sissy girl   xoxoxoxoxo Close
Happy Birthday  / Neenee (aunt)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Neenee (aunt)
Happy Birthday Peanut! I love you forever and a day! Close
Happy Easter  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy Easter  / Mommy
I hope you like your pink bunny I left today. I love you so much baby girl and  so does daddy and nate. Close
Miss You  / NeeNee (aunt)  Read >>
Miss You  / NeeNee (aunt)
Love you Peanut!   Miss you so much! Close
AngelBaby / Jill Owens (Nana)  Read >>
AngelBaby / Jill Owens (Nana)

It's been 5 long yrs.since you went to live with Jesus. Todaywe all still miss you and love you very much. You were a beautiful little bundle of joy.Your Mommy was so happy to have a baby girlcause your brother wanted a sister tooand you made the family complete.I'm glad you are with Jesus and your Papaw Drivercause here with us he would spoiled you as he did with the other kids. Love and miss you!


                                    Nana Jill

my sissy girl  / Mommy   Read >>
my sissy girl  / Mommy
tomorrow it will be 5 years since you went to be with Jesus. I love you and miss you so much!! I think of you everyday sissy girl. I cant wait to hold you in my arms again.  I love you Cami   xoxoxo Close
Happy Birthday  / Elaine Marley (Mamaw)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Elaine Marley (Mamaw)

Just wanted to tell Mamaw's girl Happy Birthday!!  I love and miss you sooo much - we all do!  I know that you will have a wonderful day in heaven - {{{HUGS}}}& XOXOXO Kisses

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