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miss you  / Mommy   Read >>
miss you  / Mommy
I miss you so much! Today your pappy has been gone for 4 years. I miss him to so much. I can only imagine how spoiled you would be if you were here. Im sure your spoiled in heaven to. I love you Camryn and I still ache for you after 2 years. You are always my sweet red headed baby girl.  love and miss you     xoxoxo Close
Nana's Angel Baby  / Jill (Nana)  Read >>
Nana's Angel Baby  / Jill (Nana)
Angel Baby, Nana misses you so much,I'm trying to write this between the tears and the lump in my throat.I miss you and your Pappy Driver and my Mommie,grandma Hudson.Even though your Papaw Driver and Grandma Hudson never held you here on earth,they ard holding you in Heaven,some day I will too. Love and miss you very much. Close
Miss you Peanut  / NEENEE (Aunt)  Read >>
Miss you Peanut  / NEENEE (Aunt)
I went to your grave today. I left peanuts for you. You will always be my peanut and I will miss you forever. I imagine all the time what you would look like and how your voice would sound. 

I loveyou so much Cami!!! 

Love, NeeNee Close
I MISS YOU  / Mommy   Read >>
I MISS YOU  / Mommy
Hi sissy girl. I love you so much. I miss you terribly, You have been gone 2 years today and it still hurts so much. Shine down on us cause this is hard on mommy, daddy and bubby. We love and miss you and we think of you everyday. Kiss jesus and pappy and grandma hudson for me. I love you Camryn Annette  xoxoxoxo Close
Sorry / Shannon Varian   Read >>
Sorry / Shannon Varian
   I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss. I recently lost my precious Gabrielle. She was seven weeks old. I read something I wanted to share with you that I believe is very true. A husband that loses his wife is a widower a wife that loses her husband is a widow a child that loses a parent is an orphan but there is no name for a parent that loses a child for there are no words to decribe that kind of pain. It has been tough and I know what you are going through I have two other children and they are taking it hard.I remind them she is with Jesus and the angels and she is not alone. Close
to your family  / Amanda Kindley   Read >>
to your family  / Amanda Kindley
i was stopping by on my baby's site and ran into camryn's! she is a beautiful baby and i feel your pain i also lost my babygirl at only 6weeks old.the thing that hurts me the most is knowing that there are other parents out there who are hurting as bad as i do because we are living life without the life we created. may ours angels be in heaven together watching over us and i will keep you and your family in my prayers! amanda kindley Close
Happy New Year!  / Mawmaw   Read >>
Happy New Year!  / Mawmaw
Just wanted to say Happy New Year to Mamaw's girl!  Sure do miss you bunches.  Wish you could have been here at Christmas.  It would have been lots of fun watching you open presents.  I am sure you had a blast at Jesus birthday party though!  Hugs and kisses to you sweet baby girl! Close
miss you  / NeeNee (aunt)  Read >>
miss you  / NeeNee (aunt)
Miss you red headed angel! Wish I could hold you and snuggle you but since I can't, I am glad pappy, grams and Jesus can!

Love you forever and miss you always, Close
Dear fellow bereved parentsof Camryn  / Janelle Walton (fellow bereved parent )  Read >>
Dear fellow bereved parentsof Camryn  / Janelle Walton (fellow bereved parent )
  My heart is broken for your family.  What a beautiful child and family.   To see the bravery and pure love in your faces is amazing!  Thank you for sharing, sometimes it's the only thing you can do.  Please feel welcome to visit our daughter Brea Walton's site. 
God Bless Our Angels,
Janelle, Aaron,Sione,Kayla,and Angel Brea Walton  Close
She grew her wings  / Louann Linder (passing by )  Read >>
She grew her wings  / Louann Linder (passing by )

Hi, I was looking for the meaning of Camryn, because that's my little girl's name and I came across this website. I want to say how sorry I am that your beautiful Camryn was taken home by the angels. Maybe both of our Camryn's can play together one day in the Heavens. God Bless, Louann

Cami's BDay  / Gaga (her aunt )  Read >>
Cami's BDay  / Gaga (her aunt )
I have been thinking of Cami all day, wondering what she would be like today. And what her voice would sound like.   I love you Jessi, Eric, and Nate. Close
HAPPY B-DAY BABY GIRL  / Daddy   Read >>
Daddy just wants to wish you a happy birthday, my little 2 year old!!!!  I love you very much and hope that Jesus is throwing you the biggest birthday party ever!!  We are going to get you some balloon's and when we come see you today, we will send them up to you.  I miss you so much  (frown).   Daddy hopes that you and Jesus will let us have another baby some day, not to replace you, but to add to our family.  We have all this pinned up love and need to share it with someone.  Have a wonderful Birthday, and remember to shine down on us today.  LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!

-DADDY Close
Happy Birthday  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Mommy
Happy Birthday!!  You are 2 today. I can imagine you running around, giggling, picking on your brother.  I miss you very much.  There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of my sissy girl.  You are a beautiful little angel.  Your brother sang Happy Birthday to you yesterday because he couldnt wait.  Did you hear him?  It was so cute.  We are coming to see  you tonight.  I love you. Close
Happy Birthday xxx  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy)   Read >>
Happy Birthday xxx  / Natalie &. Nick (Madison's Mummy &. Daddy)


Hope all the angels in Heaven make today extra special for you.
Make a wish when you blow the candles on your cake out!
Enjoy all the jelly & ice-cream!
Send LOTS of your special angel kisses to your family who miss and love you so very much.
God Bless 

Angel Baby  / Nana Driver (Nana)  Read >>
Angel Baby  / Nana Driver (Nana)
Happy heavenly birthday,We all miss you so much,right now you would be in just about everything,you would know what the word no-no You with you little red head,your pappy would have spolied you rotten,him and your great grandmother both loved redheads,and I'm sure they are both spoiling the dickens out of you there in heaven.Pappy will  have to make you one of his angel food cakes,or his pineapple upsidedown cakes,he use to bake them with your cousins,Ciara and Mariah.Nana would love to be singing Happy Birthday to you.
I love and miss you,and your pappy Driver and grandma Hudson too.Love ya,Nana Close
Its your birthday angel baby  / NeeNee (aunt)  Read >>
Its your birthday angel baby  / NeeNee (aunt)
Hello sweet baby girl! You would be 2 today   I love you and miss you cami 

Happy Birthday Angel

NeeNee Close
in heaven  / Rachel~lincoln's Mommy (visitor)  Read >>
in heaven  / Rachel~lincoln's Mommy (visitor)
 to camryn: may you rest in heaven and play with the angels. may your family feel comfort and love when they think of you and your life.
to the marley family: i think she is beautiful. i have recently lost my daughter. i saw that you said kokomo and i live about 30 min away from kokomo. please check out my girl's site. thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones as i know he did with camryn.
lincoln's mommy
Nana's Angel Baby  / Nana Driver (Nana)  Read >>
Nana's Angel Baby  / Nana Driver (Nana)
 Good morning my beautiful grandbaby, Today we celebrate your big brother's
  5th birthday.You should be here to help us celebrate it,nana would let you eat cake and get it all over yourself and your mama would be angry at me for letting you do it,that's whats Nana's are for.I miss you so much Angel baby.Love always,Nana Close
Sorry / Mike &. Laura Bennett (Mom &. Dad To Matthew (Vistor)  Read >>
Sorry / Mike &. Laura Bennett (Mom &. Dad To Matthew (Vistor)

We are sorry for your loss.  We don't understand why things happen when they do.  It is a very hard to lose a little baby.

Condolences / Barbara R. (Vistor)  Read >>
Condolences / Barbara R. (Vistor)
My deepest condolences to you all. I too have lost an angel ( her name is Camryn).  You are in my prayers. Close
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